First blog post

This Is a please explain post my first.


How are you all nice of you to drop by.  I am not a good typer so I will be doing video when I get money so please bear with me.

Also sorry if I go of track I have a lot on my mind all the time I will have other site and other blogs, Yes I know stupid as people have trouble running one.

I will be doing that because some people might not like all my pages and all the things I like or go on about.

I will also find and see if I can get the voice recognition thing on computers working so it type for me, I take it people who have used that have decided it is good or bad and will tell me lol.

A bit about me, I live in Queensland Australia born and raised here my mother was born in England came to Australia when she was 9, my father was second generation Aussie from Irish stock, and yes the English and the Irish don’t mix hence they are divorced lol.  Well I am a mother of 5, grandmother of 8, although my second eldest has just started dating a girl with a daughter o it might be nine lol.

I do a lot of handicrafts I have a web page with my crochet and craft stuff on it. I am also a Christian Wiccan a Witch, I am not a Satanist, I do not believe in the devil even though I was brought up Catholic.  Religion intrigues me, it always has. so keep an eye out for that site if you are interested.

I am also going to try my hand at prepping I find that interesting I also think that something is going to happen but what or when I don’t know and every year around this time we start getting told to be storm ready and have this and that stocked up so it is really not different to that it is just on a bigger scale for a longer time period. There is no point in being like everyone else and waiting for something to happen and then doing the panic dash to the supermarket only to discover they have sold out of this or that.

So to me prepping makes sense as there I always a storm season in every country around the world and there is always a fire season were there are fires. so it does not hurt to be prepared for any of that.

Well I will get of here and see about the voice recognition on here and I would love to here from people this world is hard to make friends in or talk to others, people stay closed up behind there doors.

Well take care.